Meet your Barista

Meet your Barista: Amanda Trice

Meet your Barista: Amanda Trice

Who knew that knowing who your favorite band of all time would help you get hired. Such is the case with Amanda Trice of Round Mountain Coffee. And for the record, she gives her answer below. I’m not giving it away. I remember Amanda as one of the original baristas at Round Mountain, but then …

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Finn Havens

Meet your Barista: Finn Havens

This month’s Meet your Barista is Finn Havens from Blue Sail Coffee. Finn is a native of Greenbrier, Arkansas. Finn loves to wear his fursuit. He has been known to show up places in town wearing one of his fursuits. Finn has been working with coffee going back to his days working at Streetside Creperie. …

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Austin Keith

Meet your Barista: Austin Keith

This month’s Meet your Barista is Austin Keith from Round Mountain Coffee. Originally from Greenwood, AR, Austin Keith has been hanging his hat in Conway for about four years now. He is the oldest of 5 siblings and a musician. He loves writing music and plays with a band called Bro. Bera. Austin isn’t just a …

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Becca Snider

Meet your Barista: Becca Snider

This month’s Meet your Barista is Becca Snider. The UCA Student has been a barista at Zeteo for the past two years and has cultivated a passion for coffee. If you have ever spent much time getting coffee at Zeteo in downtown Conway, it’s a good chance Becca Snider made your drink. The veteran barista …

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Matt K

Meet your Barista – Matthew Kakilala

Meet your Barista Editor’s Note: This is the first in a series of articles where we get to meet some of Conway’s top Baristas. Conway is fortunate to have several good coffee shops and the Baristas make it much more enjoyable. Meet Matthew Kakilala, our first Barista in this series. Matthew has a million dollar smile. He’s …

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