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Meet your Barista: Amanda Trice

Conway Institute of Music

Who knew that knowing who your favorite band of all time would help you get hired. Such is the case with Amanda Trice of Round Mountain Coffee. And for the record, she gives her answer below. I’m not giving it away.

I remember Amanda as one of the original baristas at Round Mountain, but then one night changed it all. The coffee shop was experimenting with live music and hosted an event their first Spring in business. Amanda sang.

Amanda Trice, Mandy Songbird
Amanda Trice, Mandy Songbird

From then on, I called her Mandy Songbird. Mandy for short, and songbird because she sings like a songbird. Amanda has a lot of talents. She can make you a great pour over, smile and make you feel a little bit better on a bad day, and she can move your heart with her singing. She writes her own songs as well.

Name: Amanda Trice
Coffee Shop: Round Mountain Coffee
Age: 23
School/Status: AA
Hometown: Aurora, CO

What is one thing about you people would be surprised to know?
I was mainly hired because my answer to the interview question “What is the greatest band of all time?” was Hanson.

What is your favorite thing to do in Conway?
The sunsets in Conway are my favorite thing to watch.

What is the one activity that you can get lost for hours doing?
Writing music with friends is something I can do for hours, but only with friends. I’m extroverted, so spending that much time alone sounds draining.

How long have you been pulling shots?
This coming October, I’ll have been slingin’ spro for 2 years!

What is your favorite part of the job?
I think the coolest thing about my job is knowing that so much has already gone into the coffee we roast and serve before we get it. It is a humbling and amazing thing to be handling the finished product of some people’s, and their community’s livelihood.

What is your favorite coffee brew method?
My favorite brew method is the V60 pour over.

What is your favorite drink on your coffee shop’s menu?
The Espresso Julep! (It’s on our seasonal menu, so get it while you can!)

What is your favorite virtue?

What do you appreciate the most in your friends?
My friends are very different from one another, which is something that I appreciate very much in and of itself, but the thing that I appreciate most is their common thread of kindness.

What is your idea of happiness?
Drinking La Croix on top of a mountain.

If not yourself, who would you be?
I’m a proponent of loving yourself, so I don’t really want to be anyone but me, BUT if I HAD to choose, I would be a cross between Jim Halpert and Leslie Knope.

Where would you most like to live?
Anywhere with mountains and coffee.

What is your ideal occupation?

Wrapping it up

Thanks for answering our questions, Amanda! Amanda Trice is quite the singer. Sometimes you can catch her performing during one of the Round Mountain Jams. In fact, Amanda is set to perform on September 28th.

Head on down to RMC and get one of Amanda’s V60 pour overs or an Espresso Julep before it goes out of season!


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