Darla Desiderio Selected for Prestigious RAM Annual Invitational Exhibit

By News | March 24, 2024

Darla Desiderio’s Artwork, Beautifully Made, after review by a distinguished panel, will be on exhibit at the prestigious RAM Annual Invitational: “Inclusive.” Conway, AR – March 25, 2024 – The Fort Smith Regional Art Museum has announce the selection of local artist Darla Desiderio for the RAM Annual Invitational, a highly anticipated exhibition known for […]


Power of Storytelling

Hardwired for storytelling helps build our community

By Todd E Jones | August 6, 2023

“Our brains are hardwired for storytelling.” Perhaps you have heard that phrase before. Really, all it takes is a quick search on the internet and you will find a number of sources making this claim. Storytelling is a central to our lives. I truly believe that. That’s why I think […]

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