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When John Keith decided to open THINK Coffee, he knew he would have to start with a couple of baristas. One of those baristas is this month’s Meet your Barista. Jennifer Chapman is a native of Conway and loves to go to flea markets and the feeling of accomplishment in her work.

I think and feel a lot! I have a passion for learning and I always want to be a better person. Walking in Love is my goal. I love music, art, philosophy, Psychology, reading, exploring and I’m always down to try something new and that benefits my expansion. Always wishing anyone and everyone the best and to always be growing. Jennifer Chapman

Learn more about Jennifer!

Name: Jennifer Chapman
Coffee Shop: THINK Coffee
Age: 23
School/Status: Barista!
Hometown: Conway, Arkansas

What is one thing about you people would be surprised to know?
I am actually a pretty introverted person. I have an outspoken personality, so when people meet me, they think I am going to be this social butterfly when in actuality I tend to keep to myself.

Jennifer Chapman
Jennifer Chapman

What is your favorite thing to do in Conway?
Go to flea markets! We have some pretty neat ones here in town. I love antique things, and I’ve actually just made my first real antique purchase, which I’m super excited about.

What is the one activity that you can get lost for hours doing?
Reading or researching.

How long have you been pulling shots?
Just two months! I’m a newbie.

What is your favorite part of the job?
Actually making the coffee! I honestly didn’t know much of anything about coffee before I started training. To be transparent, I wasn’t even sure of the difference between a latte and a mocha! Now it just seems like common sense.

What is your favorite coffee brew method?
Espresso! It’s just so versatile. You can do anything with a good shot of espresso.

What is your favorite drink on your coffee shop’s menu?
“The Brainiac” for sure. There’s a reason it’s our most popular.

What is your favorite virtue?
Telling the truth. It’s always been so important for me to get to the bottom of things. I want to know the depth of a situation, even if it’s something I disagree with or I don’t like. Often times, things are not as shallow as you think, it’s a rabbit hole.

What do you appreciate the most in your friends?
My friend’s willingness to help. To be able to find a confidant in a person is extremely important for me. I want to be around people that make me feel comfortable.

What is your idea of happiness?
To be as self-sustaining as possible. Oddly enough, I think a lot about the idea of convenience and how it can hinder us in so many ways. I also want to help people, and it be a symbiotic, synergistic thing. I want to grow and learn as I’m helping other people grow and learn.

If not yourself, who would you be?
A better version of myself. Corny, but true.

Where would you most like to live?
Somewhere that isn’t so humid, near or in the woods. Alaska seems beautiful!

What is your ideal occupation?
I don’t want work to feel like work. I want to feel accomplished and like I am seeing the fruits of my labor type of ideal. And not just my own bearing of fruit but others, too. I would love to incorporate art and healing. I really want to be a chiropractor as well!

Wrapping it up

Jennifer is one of the first baristas at THINK, and she has grown more confident as a newbie. She will always give you a smile and great service. Make your way to THINK Coffee this week and grab her favorite drink, “The Brainiac.”

THINK Coffee, 2125 Harkrider St, Conway, Arkansas 72032


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