CAPCA launches Homeless Awareness Month with 30 day challenge

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Community Action Program for Central Arkansas (CAPCA) and Faulkner County is on a mission to combat homelessness, and they’re inviting the entire community to join the cause. In partnership with local organizations, CAPCA is proud to announce the “Change The World” Homeless Challenge, a 30-day initiative designed to make a significant impact on the lives of those experiencing homelessness.

How to Participate:
Residents can pick up a piggy bank at the Community Action Program for Central Arkansas (CAPCA) or use an old jar with a lid, labeling it for the challenge.

Download 30 Day Youth Challenge Flyer

Download 30 Day Challenge Flyer

What to Do:
Each day during the challenge, participants will complete a different task listed on the back of the piggy bank or jar. These tasks are designed to raise awareness and funds for the homeless in the community.

The challenge will run from November 1, 2023, to November 30, 2023.

Where to Contribute:
By the end of the month, participants should bring their collected change to the Community Programs team at 707 Robins St Suite 700. The money raised will be used for Project Homeless Connect.

For more information or questions about the challenge, contact Lacey Strom at 501-205-6930 or

“We believe in the power of the community to create lasting change,” said Strom. “The ‘Change The World’ Homeless Challenge is an opportunity for everyone in Faulkner County to come together, support our homeless neighbors, and be a part of something truly meaningful.”

This initiative is a testament the community’s dedication to ending homelessness, and CAPCA is proud to be a driving force behind it. They look forward to seeing the community rally behind this noble cause, making a difference one day at a time.

Make a difference in our community by joining Faulkner County in the “Change The World” Homeless Challenge to end homelessness.

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