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Interns for Conway Scene in the Fall 2018 needed

Conway Institute of Music

Are you a college student looking for experience in the local media publishing industry? Are you good at writing stories and interviews? Are you organized and able to create a social media calendar?

Are you comfortable with using WordPress and social media?

These are the things that Conway Scene is looking for. Conway Scene is looking for college students to be an intern for the Fall of 2018.  I would like to have a couple of student writers and one student to help with social media marketing.

Internship Description

Are you a college student looking for real-world publication experience? Consider working with Conway Scene to fulfill your internship hours. We are offering unpaid internships for students who would like to learn more about working with an online magazine.

Student internships will learn how to tell stories of local influential leaders as well as other interesting people.

You will:

  • Write feature articles
  • Learn how to add images to your articles
  • How to optimize your article for online exposure
  • How to post on a WordPress website
  • Interview entrepreneurs for stories
  • And how to promote your article
  • Have opportunities to attend various events in Conway

We will work with your college (UCA, Central Baptist College, or Hendrix) to help you fulfill the required internship hours.

Download the file below to read how to apply for an internship.

Conway Scene Interns Fall 2018
Conway Scene Interns Fall 2018

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