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Hot Girl Walk Conway Runs University of Central Arkansas

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CONWAY- Finding community in college can be quite the daunting task. However, thanks to University of Central Arkansas student Jacey Howerton, creating a “girl gang” only requires a pair of walking shoes. 

“Hot Girl Walks” originated from a viral TikTok trend, in which groups of women come together to take walks and talk with one another. It provides not only a great source of exercise, but an inexpensive way to gather with friends for quality time together.

Howerton was familiar with the trend, but did not see anyone hosting a walk in the Central Arkansas area. She took it upon herself to create a group that meets on UCA campus.

“In August, I was hoping that someone would start one. I did not see one being started, so I decided to start one myself,” said Howerton. 

Since Hot Girl Walk Conway has started, Howerton has amassed hundreds of followers across social media platforms, and has garnered a lot of interest from female UCA students. 

“I hope that the community we have built continues to grow and that this is something all young women want to be a part of. I want it to be an opportunity for young women to make new friendships as well as for future networking opportunities,” said Howerton. 

Hot Girl Walk Conway is not just limited to UCA students. The group is open to all women who are looking for community and enjoy getting a breath of fresh air. 

Public relations professor Dr. Riva Brown recently attended the Hot Girl Walk and had nothing but positive remarks about her experience.

“It was wonderful and welcoming! I got to chat with fellow walkers about old-school hip-hop music and mental health among college students. I hope it grows into a space where young women continue to exercise, enjoy nature, and embrace having meaningful in-person conversations that enhance their well-being,” said Brown.

Hot Girl Walk Conway
Hot Girl Walk Conway

When asked what the most rewarding part of Hot Girl Walk Conway has been, Howerton highlights the opportunity for friendships that this group has created for her.

“I, myself, have already made some wonderful new friends! Everyone who comes always has such a positive attitude. It’s refreshing to be surrounded by such a positive and supportive group of young women,” said Howerton. 

Keep up with Hot Girl Walk Conway on Instagram @HOTGIRLWALKCONWAY. As for me, I will be Hot Girl Walking to the nearest store for some new tennis shoes.

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