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UCA Hosts Two Filmmakers As Artists-In-Residence Michael ‘Nance Jordan’ Wright and Caro Posse

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CONWAY— Husband-and-wife team Michael ‘Nance Jordan’ Wright and Caro Posse will be artists-in-residence on Thursday, Oct. 13, at the University of Central Arkansas.

Wright and Posse will present a sneak preview of their new film “American Parent” at 7 p.m. in McCastlain Ballroom. Wright was the cinematographer for the movie, while Posse was the producer. Emily Railsback, assistant professor of film at UCA, directed the film.

“Many of my student directors often express fear that a producer will take away their creative control in order to make money on a project. This couldn’t be farther from the truth when working with a great producer, like Caro Posse,” said Railsback. “She championed my vision, asked good questions to help me consider new ways to shape the story and orchestrated the logistics to bring our movie to life.

Michael Wright
Michael Wright

“Similarly, Michael also views his work as a director of photography in a collaborative fashion,” said Railsback. “He does not try to impose his style on any story, but seeks to understand the characters and a visual style that reflects their world.”

Railsback and Keith Corson, also an assistant professor of film at UCA, will host a question-and-answer session with Wright and Posse after the screening.

In addition to the film’s preview, Thursday’s events include a presentation from Posse on a producer’s role in the filmmaking process from 12:15-1:30 p.m. and a joint presentation from Wright and Posse on balancing freelance work and family from 1:30-2:40 p.m. Both events will be in Stanley Russ Hall, room 103.

Wright will also host a lighting and cinematography workshop from 2:40-3:55 p.m. in the Stanley Russ Production Studio.

Wright is an adjunct faculty member at Columbia College Chicago and head of Wright Bros. Photoplay. An Emmy winner and multiple Telly Award recipient, Wright served as director of photography for television networks like NBC, ESPN, MTV, Discovery and more.

Wright has lectured at the American Film Institute, where he graduated as a Cinematography Fellow, as well as the University of Illinois in Urbana and Columbia College. Additionally, he was a juror member for the Chicago Children’s International Film Festival for five consecutive years.

Caro Posse
Caro Posse

Posse is an assistant professor in cinema and television arts at Columbia College Chicago and film curator for Mostra: Brazilian Film Series presented in cooperation with Partners of the Americas Illinois-Sao Paulo Chapter. She has served on juries for the Sundance Institute, Latino Public Broadcasting and the Independent Television Service.

Additionally, Posse worked in the arts nonprofit sector as the programming director, and ultimately the interim director, of the Chicago Latino Film Festival. Her credits include include “Hot Chili” (2004), “The Quiet” (2005), “Path of Least Resistance” (2006), “Little Green Men” (2009), “The Scary Ham” (2017), “This is Cindy” (2018), “American Fumble” (2019) and “The Francis Ellis Mysteries” (2021). Posse has a Bachelor of Arts in film and a master’s in arts management.

For additional information, visit CAHSS artists-in-residence.

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