YPC Pub Crawl

YPC Pub Crawl increases in numbers Friday night in downtown Conway

Conway Institute of Music

The Young Professionals of Conway held their second ever Pub Crawl on Friday night, July 27th in downtown Conway. The event was more of a walk rather than a crawl, which I am thankful for because I don’t think I could have crawled that far. Over 70 people participated in the event according to YPC officials.

The professionals met at JJ’s Grill around 6 pm for the first leg of the event. The group was treated to drink specials and appetizers. I visited with a couple of guys who flipped houses in the Conway area.

After the time was up, we began our walk to Fat Daddy’s BBQ. Just a short walk away, we all met in the bar area. We had a little more room to visit and so I sat down at one of the tables and visited with three young ladies, two who work for Nabholz Corporation, and one who works for Arkansas Heart Hospital in Conway. I also got a chance to visit with a friend I hadn’t talked to in a while.

When our time was up at Fat Daddy’s we began to make our way to Kings. As I approached the corner outside of Fat Daddy’s, I was met by a pub crawl participant who was separated from her friends. She joined me on my trip as we walked down Oak Street. There we met an ice cream cooler outside where the new Las Delicias will be located. I stopped and bought a Paleta as I was starting to get hot and hungry.

We continued to Front street and made our way to Kings where we entered for the next leg of the crawl. Once inside Kings several in the group ordered drinks and food. The band for the night did a couple of songs. From there, we began our trip to WunderHaus.

WunderHaus at night

When we reached WunderHaus, it was clear they were having a busy, albeit great night of business. The staffed worked hard to keep things going for the customers who were already there when we arrived. They worked just as hard to help us get our drinks. I remember Auguste Forrester, co-owner of WunderHaus, asking me if I was happy. August always asks me this when I visit.

After our time at WunderHaus, we began our journey to the last stop of the night, Old Chicago. I was joined on my walk by Jared Lincoln, Business Development Manager of 360 Payroll Solutions. I had met Jared at a previous YPC meeting so we renewed our acquaintance and talked about business.

Getting to chance to talk to young professionals from different businesses is one of the best things I enjoyed about the Pub Crawl. The event allows you to meet various types of young professionals in one setting. That is one of the strong points for YPC as a business networking platform.

Our final destination was Old Chicago. There, we were treated to their private room and various appetizers and drinks.

According to Chair-Elect, Gage Jordan, the first pub crawl during Toad Suck Weekend drew about 20 participants. The increase in numbers from the first pub crawl to the second pub crawl is quite significant. In doing so, young professionals in the community had fun, networked, and learned a little bit more about joining the Young Professionals of Conway and the benefits.


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