‘Yesterday and Today: The Interactive Beatles Experience’ coming to Reynolds Performance Hall

Conway Institute of Music

CONWAY — The University of Central Arkansas Reynolds Performance Hall will present “Yesterday and Today: The Interactive Beatles Experience” on Saturday, March 9 at 7:30 p.m.

“Yesterday and Today: The Interactive Beatles Experience” is considered the nation’s most innovative and unique show utilizing the works of The Beatles. This amazing band, anchored by brothers Billy, Matthew and Ryan McGuigan perform as themselves and leave the song choices completely in the hands of the audience. This is done through request cards that audience members complete before the show. On those cards, the audience member only needs to fill out three things: their name, their favorite Beatles song and the reason why they chose that song. The cards are collected and two minutes before the show begins, a set list is created based upon the songs chosen by the audience. As an added treat, the reasons that the audience members chose those songs make up the narrative of the evening. Every show is different, every show is interactive, and every show proves that The Beatles music truly is the soundtrack to our lives.

The McGuigan brothers were introduced to The Beatles music at a young age by their father, Bill McGuigan, who passed away in 1996 of leukemia. Bill owned every Beatles album there was and spent most of his time sharing his love of The Beatles with the boys. Now, almost 30 years after the passing of their father, the McGuigan brothers tour the country with their show, “Yesterday and Today: The Interactive Beatles Experience,” creating a unique interactive concert experience born out of the idea that everyone, like themselves, has a story or particular memory attached to the legendary music of The Beatles.

Every night the songs change, the faces change and the stories change. But one element always remains the same between the McGuigan’s and their fans. A mutual respect for why they are there. Whether it’s for the sheer love of the music, or to have a personal connection with it, either way, the McGuigan boys get to do what they love most – honoring the memory of their greatest hero, and the priceless gift he gave them so many years ago.

“Yesterday and Today: The Interactive Beatles Experience” is a fundraiser event for the Main Stage Education Program. All ticket proceeds go to benefit this program and bring children to the theatre to experience live performing arts. Tickets range from $30-$50 for adults and $10 for children/students. Tickets are on sale now and may be purchased at the Reynolds Box Office Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., online at uca.edu/reynolds or by calling UCA Ticket Central at (501) 450-3265 or toll-free at (866) 810-0012.

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