Two Conwegians remember their mothers for Mother’s Day

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Who is your favorite TV mom? Growing up, I remember Richie Cunningham’s mom, Marion. She was one of those that we all wish we had. Who do you remember? Maybe it’s one of the 16 moms mentioned in this article. This Sunday is the day we celebrate moms exclusively.

This year for Mother’s Day, we decided to let a couple of our Conwegians honor and celebrate their mother. We can often see our own mother in others.

Sarah Wilson, Conway Ministry Center

“I actually grew up with two moms, and they both played a major role in who I am now. I remember my birth mom (Kathy) graduating from UCA when I was a teenager and it always made me understand that I was never too old to achieve my dreams.

Sarah and her mother Kathy
Sarah and her birth mother Kathy

“The mom that became a significant part of my life when I was only two was very much a humanitarian. I remember times where she would stop and offer food or some type of assistance to someone stranded on the side of the road. To this day, she can still be found buying shoes or cheeseburgers and handing them out to total strangers who appear to be in need.

“As far as memories go, I always remember the weekends that I would get to go to my mom’s because she would make such a big deal out of the time that we had together. She would always find a way to make me feel special during our time together.

“And for my other mom (Lynetta), we didn’t always have a lot of money growing up, but she would always find a way to make it ok. Whether it was a homemade Halloween costume or popcorn strands on the Christmas tree, it was always enough.”

Sarah and her mother Lynetta


Kara Rimmer Dyer, Faulkner County Library, ComiConway

“My Mother’s name is Sharon “Sherry” Rimmer, although she has passed, the one thing that lives on in me is my belief that God is alive. My mom proved to me that prayers are answered, God is faithful, and you don’t have to be perfect to be a great friend. My mother was the most selfless, flawed, humbled, God-fearing woman I have ever met. I am far from being her but having her unfailing love for God is what I aspire to be.

“I have so many favorite memories of my mom, but to sum them all up, my mom was my best friend. She was always there for me cheering me on and in my darkest times her favorite saying was ‘it’s always darkest just before dawn.’ No matter what I was doing or involved in she was right there with me whether it was working an event, going on a college visit, vacation or coaching a sports team for my kids she was my partner.

“If my mom was still alive, I would tell her how much I love her, I would apologize for taking her for granted, and I would take her anywhere she wanted to go!”

Kara and her mother


Don’t forget to tell your mom you love her this weekend. Don’t forget to spend some time with her. It only takes a few hours to make her day special.

And, to all the Conwegian mothers, Happy Mother’s Day from Conway Scene!


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