Three Conway Businesses make impact on Capital City

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Conway entrepreneurs are making an impact on the Capital City. Three businesses will expand locations to Little Rock in the early part of 2017.

Ashton and Austin Samuelson will bring their Tacos4Life to Little Rock in early 2017 in the Shackleford Crossing Shopping Center.

According to Ashton Samuelson,

“Our main focus as a restaurant is to feed hungry children by providing customers with made ­from ­scratch, amazing food. Opening another location will allow us to build relationships in a new community and raise even more meals for hungry children.”

Kyle Tabor, owner of Blue Sail Coffee will be opening a new store in the Little Rock Tech Park in sometime March. Head roaster Andy Pickle will run the location. The store already services several businesses in Little Rock.

“The idea of bringing all of this to downtown Little Rock is an absolute pleasure,” Tabor told Talk Business & Politic’s Wes Brown. “Little Rock has been yearning for a real coffee company that serves well-prepared espresso and slow brews. Blue Sail will be staffing some of our best and most experienced baristas from day one and I cannot wait to pioneer the coffee culture in (the city).”

Zeteo Coffee ran by Jon and Trina Mitchell will open a new location in Little Rock, also in March. The location will be in the River Market District.

Zeteo is partnering with Rock Dental Brands to open a location in their business.

Mitchell expressed his enthusiasm on the Rock Dental Brands website,

“We look forward to providing a new coffee spot for the River Market work crowd as well as Clinton School students, the local community and tourists alike. We can’t wait to share our passion for coffee and the surrounding culture through our new location. It is going to be such a great environment to take a quick break, study, have a work meeting or meet up after work for a drink.”

The growth, innovation, and strong entrepreneurship in Conway are making an impact across Arkansas including the bigger city to the South.

With these three businesses in Little Rock, Conway residents can enjoy a little Conway in Little Rock.




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