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The Studio Downtown is set to open cowork space in June

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The Studio, a new cowork space, will open in downtown Conway in June 2018. The cowork space is a new venture by Owner Kate Carnahan and Creative Director Jessica Crum of Silverlake Design Studio.

The concept for The Studio began with a dream for our creative team at Silverlake to work some place inspiring. Having lived in Los Angeles, we’d seen coworking spaces solve this problem for others, so we brought it to Conway – with our art infused flair, of course.  The Studio Downtown

According to a press release, The Studio is a “…creative coworking space designed to blend freelancers and makers and encourage collaborations.”

While visiting with Carnahan at the preview party, she explained that this cowork space is driven by creatives in Conway. The first few tenants range from a Doula to an Artist.

Memberships include Nomad, Maker, and Resident. The Nomad Membership is designed for more freelancers who need a place to meet clients and a place to work frequently. The Maker Membership is designed for those who need a creative atmosphere and a place to keep their creative tools.

The Studio Downtown Logo
The Studio Downtown Logo

The Resident Membership is for an entrepreneur, networker or a small team that need a dedicated space.

The space will include a conference room, a coffee bar, locker storage, printing, events access, secure wifi for high speed internet, and more.

The space will be located in the back part of the EM Building where the former EM Jeans was located.

Businesswoman Nicolle Fletcher is a founding Nomad member. She told The Studio why the option was a good idea for her,

“I love the idea of community places and spaces. I am energized when I’m with people so what better way to maintain connections and build new professional relationships than to join this collaborative working space. My doula profession keeps me traveling so the nomad is a perfect option for me. Im looking forward to working in this specific community!”

On May 4th, the cowork space held an open house to preview the space. Members of the community were able to see how the space is coming and meet members of the team including Maker founding member Jessica Jones.

Jones, a local artist, explained why she was excited to be a member to the Studio Staff,

“I love the idea of community and collaboration. That even though I may be the sole employee of my own business, I don’t have to work alone. I look forward to the motivation that working with a group of driven, diverse people provides.”

Those interested in The Studio can learn more at the website, or on Social media: InstagramFacebook.

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