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Jennifer Brannon Wins Customer Service Award

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Conway, AR – Conway Corp recently honored Customer Service Specialist Jennifer Brannon with the company’s annual Customer Service Award.

The Customer Service Award recognizes an employee who is dedicated to improving customer satisfaction and consistently strives to exceed customer expectations internally and externally.

Brannon was nominated by her fellow coworkers for not only wanting to help customers, but “taking ownership of any customer inquiry from start to finish,” following up with customers after their appointments as well as answering any additional questions that may have come up since they last spoke.

Jennifer Brannon
Jennifer Brannon

“Her goal is to always show kindness no matter the situation,” Conway Corp Customer Service Manager Jaylene Sexton said. “She applies this philosophy every day at Conway Corp. Jennifer continually looks to improve herself and her team.”

Brannon goes above and beyond, learning from her experiences and interactions at Conway Corp, as well as taking inventory and sending her findings to every member on the team, ensuring that everyone will be able to inform customers accurately and efficiently. Though she does this daily, she said she was still surprised when she won the award.

“I was surprised when I found out that I was selected, knowing that there was such a strong candidate pool,” Brannon said. “Our customer service team is top notch across the board. It is an absolute honor to be selected.”

Working in customer service is not without its challenges, but Brannon has an answer for that as well:

“I try to keep kindness and patience at the forefront of my customer interactions,” she said. “Each customer’s situation is unique, as each customer is dealing with their own distinct set of real-life stresses and circumstances. I believe it is important to remember this, even when we may not catch them on their ‘best’ day.”

Brannon joined the company in April 2021.

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