Five Conway business owners explain why they are thankful

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I am thankful this year. Conway Scene has grown. I owe a great bit of my thankfulness to Conway Scene team members Lauren Norris and Wells Thompson. These two have made many things possible this year.

Earlier this year, Elizabeth Floerke of Proper Vision Media, introduced me to Wells. Wells is a writer but has done many different things including running a podcast. Wells dove right in and wrote a series of articles about Academy Award-nominated movies. He followed that up with some rather popular articles such as the ones about WunderHaus, Streetside Creperie, and Jessica Jones. These articles were very popular at Conway Scene.

Lauren contacted me in September and wanted to help with wrangling the events for our calendar. Not only does she lead us with the events, but she has also helped with various graphic designs and taken over our Instagram account (it is totally much better!). In addition, she helps me make plans for content and various marketing campaigns.

These two have made Conway Scene become more visible in the community and increased our number of followers.

I am also thankful to you our readers!  I am thankful to everyone who shares an article, reads an article, signs up for our email newsletter, and likes us on Facebook or follows us on Instagram. You make a difference!

We are thankful to those of you businesses have partnered with us and those that will.

In this article, we have the opportunity to learn why five different business owners are thankful.

Austin Samuelson, Tacos 4 Life

Austin Samuelson and family
Austin Samuelson and family

“We are incredibly thankful for our boys. Jet and Finn are 4 and 2 and every day is an adventure. Our third, Ford, is on the way and should be here in the next couple weeks. We are so thankful God has entrusted us to parent these boys. They remind us every day of God’s love, grace, and how life is full of energy and excitement. It’s easy as adults to get stuck in the routine of daily life and we are learning as parents that kids knock you right of that routine in a good way. We are so thankful for the constant adventures with the boys, always wanting to explore, build something, wrestle, and pretend to be superheroes. Ashton and I love the fact that with Jet and Finn it’s always a fun time full of energy and laughter, and we can’t wait for Ford to be a part of the adventure soon.”

Austin Samuelson, Tacos 4 Life

John J Lambert, Premier Windows

“Well, that is a loaded question, isn’t it? I am 55 years old, and I am quite content with where I am in my life, so let’s start there. I am thankful for what I have in my life.

John Lambert
John Lambert

“But more importantly, I am thankful for who I have in my life. I don’t do fake, so the people who are in my life are there for a reason. I am surrounded by a loving, caring, and thoughtful family that supports me in everything I do.

“I have a nice, comfortable home, I never want for anything, and I am thankful for that. I have the greatest job in the world. I get to meet some of the best people on the planet: regular, down to earth people who allow us to help them improve their greatest asset (their home). Home improvement may not be the most glamorous career, but when I see a family light up with happiness after we have improved their home appearance, that makes me the happiest person around. I am thankful that I can make people happy. I am thankful that people trust us.

“I am thankful for the wonderful and supportive community I have in Conway that has embraced us and helped grow our business year after year. We are supported by the best people in our industry, so I am thankful for them and for their knowledge. I am thankful for people who are way smarter than me that are willing to teach me every day how to be a better person and a better business owner.

“I am thankful to this wonderful country who took me in as an immigrant and allowed me to fulfill the American dream. I worked hard and paid my dues. Now it is my turn to give back.”

John Lambert, Premier Windows

Teneicia Roundtree, TreeHouse Cleaning, LLC.

Teneicia Roundtree
Teneicia Roundtree

“This has been the MOST amazing year of growth both personally and professionally. My family is thriving. I have an amazing support group. I’ve had the pleasure of being inspired by many of our neighbors and partner with wonderful non-profit organizations, through Rotary’s Young Professionals of Conway, to make a positive impact in our community. In other words, my cup runs over and my heart is full!”

Teneicia Roundtree, TreeHouse Cleaning

Shana Mullaney, Personal Trainer

“I am thankful for the change to be in a business that allows me to help others in so many ways. I have always wanted to be able to give back and

Shana Williams Mullaney
Shana Williams Mullaney

change lives and leave a mark, no matter how small, in this world and make it a better place. As cliche as it sounds this is 100% straight from my heart. I love people, I love my job and I thank God every single day that I’m able to do it.”

Shana Mullaney, Shana Mullaney Fitness

Ashley Lyon, Realtor, ERA TEAM Real Estate

Ashley Lyon
Ashley Lyon

“I have the most wonderful family! Our four kids are each so different with a variety of strengths and personalities and together make my heart whole. I have the sweetest hubby who helps me manage the chaos and a mom who has always been my biggest cheerleader! I’m one blessed lady.”

Ashly Lyon, Realtor

Wrapping it up

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving week. As we get ready to go into a hectic season, I pray you are able to spend time with the ones you love and do something nice for someone else.

Thank you, Conway!


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