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DiAnka Moton believes she is here for a purpose. She seeks to empower and encourage others with her store, L.A. Beauty Bar. She says, “I believe that I am here for a purpose and that I am meant to be here at this very time. L.A. Beauty Bar is so much more than a place, it is a movement.”

Additionally, she is honoring her two older brothers and an older sister who have passed on. She explains what the L.A. stands for and tells us more about her HYPE Team, the ones that encourage her when she needs strength.

I asked DiAnka a few questions and she answered! She shared her heart and more about her journey to one year in business and how she wants her customers to feel connected to her “why.”

Q: How long has L.A. Beauty Bar been in business?
As of September 1st of 2018, it has been a full year.

Q: What is the solution L.A. Beauty Bar providing for its customers?
L.A. Beauty Bar provides your premium virgin hair needs! Our products are broken down into 2 different sections: Slay & Ultimate Slay bundles.

Along with our premium hair, we offer make-up services, and mink eyelashes giving you a full look for a night out or any special occasion.

In our beauty bar, you have the ability to TOUCH, FEEL, then BUY!

Q: What is your greatest fulfillment running LA Beauty Bar?

The mission behind L.A. Beauty Bar is to “Encourage and Empower our culture through light and love while impacting lives, one life at a time.”

LA Beauty Bar
LA Beauty Bar

When people come into the beauty bar I want them to have an experience with me, I want them to feel connected to my “why”. When people come in to make a purchase, but sit down and feel safe enough to release what is going on with them and are able to walk out lighter, that is when I feel the most fulfilled.

I am also fulfilled when people recognize the quality of service that I provide. I pride myself on bringing the service back into customer service, I want my clients to feel like they have had the best service when it comes to shopping with a company.

The mission is for the youth and people from my community to see a girl from Conway, AR moving back and making a difference.

Q: What was it that made you decide to start your business?
LA stands for Love Always.

The significance of Love Always Boutique is to honor my two older brothers and sister that have passed on. I decided that any endeavor or venture I pursued in life would be in honor of them. They set an unmatched example of love, resilience, and passion by the way they lived each day.

LA Beauty Bar Logo
LA Beauty Bar Logo

The crowns in the logo are for my brothers and the angel wing represents my sister. In founding Love Always, it is my intention to carry their spirit of excellence in every service and product offered. L.A. has given me an outlet of expression and the opportunity to honor those that I love while offering quality to all generations and every ethnicity.

My passion for all things beauty and glamour sparked an interest to try plus-size modeling. After pursuing and immersing myself in the industry, I realized that there was a completely different side to producing a certain look. It was this revelation while living in Atlanta that proved to me I was capable of anything that I put my mind to.

Atlanta serves as a cultural hub and has inspired me to bring variety and quality to a promising market. Being from Conway, it was on my heart and extremely important to set an example for the youth and those that will come behind me to pursue entrepreneurship in their hometowns. Our humble storefront in Conway is certainly not the last stop, so I encourage you all to be [you]rself and chase the dreams that scare you. I was terrified, but faithful to start L.A. 3 years ago. Now, here I am.

What have been some of your biggest challenges and how did you overcome those?
Being too trusting in people, taking people at face value. I had to balance having a trusting heart and a critical mind. I’ve learned to slow down and let people show me who they are before putting all my cards out.

Realizing how much marketing goes into running a business, I have learned to be okay with going out of my comfort zone. I’ve really pushed myself within this year to do just about everything to get L.A. Beauty Bar’s name out there.

DiAnka Moton
DiAnka Moton

What are you looking forward to in the next year in business?
I look forward to the upward success of L.A. Beauty Bar. I believe that I am here for a purpose and that I am meant to be here at this very time. L.A. Beauty Bar is so much more than a place, it is a movement. There is an event that I am working on that is going to be HUGE for Conway so be on the lookout for it! 😊

Who has been your biggest supporter?
My biggest supporters ( I call them my HYPE TEAM) have definitely been: My mother, Thelma Moton, she is my sounding board, my safe place, and my shoulder to cry on.

My sister, Dani James, literally is always there for me. She is the first one at my event and the last one to leave. She will drop what she is doing to make sure I am okay.

My friends, Sherita and Archie Kern, they help me with EVERYTHING! Sherita has stayed up for hours with me to make sure inventory is correct and my numbers are right. Archie has literally gone out to put flyers out on people’s cars for me.

Talesha Little, Timia Watson, Rachel Lasker, and Aeiress Duhart all have been my marketing team, my team who I can call and talk to when I am overwhelmed. They also will drop what they have going on to be there for me, setting up, promoting, breaking down and repeat.

I would not be where I am without my Hype Team!

Wrapping it up

I want to think DiAnka Moton for sharing her heart and her journey of opening and running L.A. Beauty Bar. Check out her Facebook page and follow her on Instagram to see the work she has done with her customers.

L.A. Beauty Bar is open Monday-Wednesday by appointment only, Thursday from  3-8PM, and Friday & Saturday 10AM-5: 30 PM. The store is located at 809 Parkway Street, Suite 101.


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