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Daniel Grayling wins 1st Annual Conway Scene Short Story Contest

Conway Institute of Music

Daniel Grayling of Conway has won the 1st Annual Conway Scene Short Story Contest. Grayling submitted a story about Mia and her Christmas miracle.

Runners up in the contest are Emma Hogan and Loretta Ann Keathley.

Hogan submitted a story about an unusual Thanksgiving experience. Keathley shared a heartwarming story of a child being adopted by her grandparents.

Grayling will receive a prize pack from Round Mountain Coffee. Hogan and Keathley will receive prizes from Streetside Creperie or Rock City Outfitters.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be publishing the stories here at Conway Scene.

I was extremely impressed with the quality of their stories!

Thanks to our special guest judges Sarah Bryan (Retired Librarian), Riva Brown (UCA, Public Relations), and Jalisha Vandiver (Teacher), for helping with this contest. They took the time out of busy schedules to help us with judging the stories.

All three judges are professionals in the related area, so their insight was invaluable.


Winner – Daniel Grayling  – Mia’s Christmas Miracle

Runners Up

Loretta Ann Keathley – Christmas Long Ago

Emma Hogan – Thanksgiving 2016


Thank you

Thank you to all who participated. We are thinking of doing another writing contest in the first quarter of 2021. That contest will include a different type of writing, so be ready!


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