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Biz Roundup April 2021: Help Children’s Advocacy Alliance

Conway Institute of Music

In this month’s business roundup, we take in some new restaurants, the debut of the season’s Farmer’s Market, and how we can help the Children’s Advocacy Alliance.

Children’s Advocacy Alliance launches campaign.

The CAA launched a fundraising campaign this month. They hope to help children like Madison who’s story they shared in a recent email.

According to the email, Madison is far from the only child needing help.

“The truth is, Madison is not alone. For the month of March alone, we interviewed 45 children. The number of children needing our help are increasing each month.”

The local nonprofit that serves abused children is hoping to raise $2,500 by June 30, 2021.

Donations will help:

  • give each child the opportunity to have a professional exam
  • give each child time with our therapist
  • give each child the courage to confront their abuser.

Those who wish to help this organization can donate at the link below.


Conway Corp Receives National Marketing Recognition

Conway Corp was rewarded for a marketing campaign recently. The National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC) honored the local cable company for its “Always On” campaign.

In a recent press release, Chief Marketing Officer Crystal Kemp says,

“Our marketing team used the ‘Always On’ messaging to highlight the ways our services impact the lives of our customers.

“It showcases some of our core values – customer satisfaction, reliability, innovation and community.”

The marketing campaign was developed in partnership with Little Rock marketing firm Eric Rob & Isaac.

The marketing team is led by Beth Jimmerson, a Conway Corp employee, for ten years.

Congrats to the Conway Corp team!

Conway Corp "Always On" Campaign
Conway Corp “Always On” Campaign

The Conway Farmer’s Market returns Saturday.

Have you been craving fresh produce? Me too.

I look forward to the day the farmer’s market opens every year.

“The Conway, Arkansas Farmer’s Market is a local bi weekly outdoor market featuring local farmers, artisans, and live music. nearly 40 vendors.”

This year, that day is Saturday, April 24. The location, as every year, is Antioch Baptist Church, 150 Amity Road.

The church has a big parking lot in front where vendors gather.

Shoppers can expect to find tons of local vegetables, meat, baked goods, fruit, canned goods, soap and a friendly smile.

The market opens at 7 am and closes by noon, but you will need to be early if you want good products.

Conway Farmer's Market
Conway Farmer’s Market

New places to eat

I do my best to try to keep up with new places opening, especially restaurants.

My friend Christina Madsen and her daughter recently made their way to grab a sandwich at Jersey Mike’s. That means they are open! Christina gave them a thumbs up.

One place I have missed since it has closed is Fat Daddy’s BBQ. I loved the location downtown and often made it weekly to eat. Since the pandemic last Spring, the place has been vacant. Well, the place is vacant no more!

Hatchet House BBQue is putting in a location at the old Fat Daddy’s Location. I’m looking forward to another BBQ option. I’m not so sure about the hatchets. The location is across the street from the fountain next to the Chamber of Commerce, 1004 West Oak Street.

A representative for the restaurant told me they are shooting for mid to late May to open.

You can see some of the progress on their Facebook page.

Speaking of progress, the Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers has started building. The popular chain from Baton Rouge, LA, will be located next to Smith Ford in the old Hyundai location.

I am told they have great chicken fingers. Looking forward to trying them.

That’s a Wrap

Is there a new business you are looking forward to seeing in Conway (not Olive Garden!)? Does your company have news to share in the next month? Drop us a note and let us know or send us your press release.

And, don’t forget to donate to the Children Advocacy Alliance.

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