Arkansas Coding Academy

Arkansas Coding Academy Fall Demo Day

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The Arkansas Coding Academy held Demo Day for graduates Cohorts 6 and 7 on Tuesday, November 14, 2017, at UCA Downtown in Conway. Cohort 5 was a part-time class and finished at the same time as Cohort 6, according to Mary Condit, Director of the coding academy.

Arkansas Coding Academy Demo Day
Arkansas Coding Academy Demo Day

Twelve students showed their projects to a packed room of supporters and recruiters.

Arkansas Coding Academy Demo Day

Graduates and their project are:

Nolan Dillard – Project: Chore App
Tom Montgomery – Project: Cosmic Comic Collector
Brent Pilkington – Project: Golf App
Dedrick Shepherd – Project: Athlete Tracker
Hunter Greer – Project: PM Dashboard
Christian Moseby – Project: Date Plans Generator
DeAnn Robinson – Project: Concert Collection
Michelle Staton – Project: Church Directory
Nakisha Maltbia – Project: Maltbia Janitorial Service Form
Tiffany O’Neill – Project: Volunteer Member Tracker
Ferrari Scroggins – Project: Food Truck 20
Andrew White – Project: Push Notification App

For students such as Dedrick Shepherd, it was a chance to learn a new skill and solve a problem. The former college athlete created a database where athletes can log their statistics to have for schools who may recruit them to play athletics. When Shepherd needed to transfer, he didn’t have a way to show his progress to the number of coaches who he contacted. His Athlete Tracker was a way to solve the problem.

Andrew White worked for UPS but decided he needed to make a career move. Someone who already loved technology he decided to learn how to code and created the Notification App for his project.

Christian Moseby has a background in journalism and wanted to expand on those skills with technology. She created a Date Plans Generator that allows couples to generate date ideas based on the level of the relationship. The app also helps couples located a place to have a date such as a rock climbing gym.

Tiffany O’Neill and her husband just relocated back to Arkansas after time in the service overseas. O’Neill is looking to help her husband with a business idea and decided to gain coding skills.

All students are eligible for the Metova Internship Program.

The next classes start in January 2018 and interested students can apply at the ACA website.

Arkansas Coding Academy Graduates

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