Rachel Lovelace of RayLoveThreads

Women’s History Month: Rachel Lovelace of RayLoveThreads

Conway Institute of Music

How can you define Rachel Lovelace? A woman, daughter, mother, creative, business owner, a Christian: a few of many titles she holds. Since 2017, Lovelace has been the owner of RayLoveThreads, a custom bag business born from her love of all things creative. What began as a project for a class bloomed into a full-blown passion project.

A gorgeous bag designed by Rachel Lovelace herself.

The handmade bags she crafts are a product of her “world of dreams,” with direct inspiration from her family. “My grandmother has always been the fuel of my creativity. My parents are also artistic. My mom was a beautician/at-home seamstress and Jack of all trades. My dad also wore a lot of creative hats from knowing how to play the bass guitar to singing and drawing. Those three were the start of my inspiration,” said Lovelace.

Lovelace and her small seamstresses demonstrate their creative endeavors at Conway Art Walk. Image courtesy of Madison Ogle.

Creating isn’t something new to Lovelace. She has been designing products and drawing since she was a little girl.
“My passion began when I was around seven, I learned to crochet and quilt from my Grandmother. I didn’t know at the time that I was a creator, I just knew my imagination was bigger than others,” said Lovelace.

An aztec inspired laptop case that Lovelace designed.

With her inspiration stemming from her family, Lovelace knew that being an artist in some form or fashion wasn’t a dream, but a reality. She continued on her path to express herself and affect others through her Young Designers Academy, a place where she, and other seamstresses and designers, “empower kids in creativity and self-expression through workshops.”

Her constant desire for originality and artistry guides her work and she believes it should guide other women as well.

“No matter your background or where you come from, never limit yourself nor dim your light for anyone or anything. If you have a God-given talent/idea, use it. You never know, it could change the world,” said Lovelace.

You can find Lovelace with two daughters, The Studio Downtown where she holds her Young Designers Academy, or in the throes of a creative pursuit for RayLoveThreads.

Wrapping it up

RayLoveThreads can be found via her website and on her Instagram. You can also find more information on her Young Designer Academy Facebook page. The Studio Downtown hosts all of Lovelace’s workshops and they can be found via their website and Instagram. 

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