ToddTalk: A memorable Christmas doesn’t have to be in the past

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My grandparents lived at the end of a dirt road in Izard County, Arkansas. And, when I say the end of the road, I mean the road stopped at their house. It became a circle that formed their driveway. They had 400+ acres of land filled with lots of pine trees, ponds, some cows and chickens, a couple of dogs.

It was a great place for a couple of rambunctious kids to explore in the summer.

As kids, we would go spend at least some time there for Christmas. One year, we experienced what could only be described as a snow apocalypse. I remember waking up to a blanket of snow. The wood stove was blazing, and we had nowhere we could go. We were definitely delayed getting home.

We stayed in that old farmhouse, with my parents, aunt and uncle, with presents under a real Christmas tree cut down from the pine trees on my grandpa’s land. As a kid, it was magnificent. All the family were under one roof, a blanket of snow on the ground, Christmas presents to play with and nowhere to go.

I think, for my parents, it wasn’t as magical. After all, at some point you have to get back to the real world and getting home would be dangerous. But this served, for me, as one of the most memorable Christmases in my life.

I am sure you have had memorable Christmases as well. Nostalgia is a powerful drug.

I like to joke and say that Illuminate Conway is its own Hallmark Christmas movie because the whole town turns out, we light the tree, drink hot chocolate and I’m pretty sure there are no less than 100 mistletoes.

These things serve as reminders.

What is your favorite Christmas story? Maybe it was finally going home for Christmas or getting that longed for gift. Whatever you do, even if you remember those times, try your best to make the best of the one you have this year. Try your best to make it a better Christmas for someone else.

And, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from me and the team at Conway Scene.

May you be blessed this time of the year.


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