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TC Poole Music: TC provides the funk and groove to his online crowd

Conway Institute of Music

I missed it for over a year. Live music.

To their credit, many musicians did online shows to help us during our time locked down.

So, this past Friday, I scurried down to the returning Friday Night Jams at Round Mountain Coffee. I just knew that someone was playing, even if I didn’t know who he was.

I enjoyed listening to Tyler Poole’s unique sound that he calls lofi. He has a funky groovy style. So, if you are looking to hear something drastically different than the usual pop, rock, and country music, Tyler is the guy to listen to.

And he plays on Twitch almost every night.

TC Poole
TC Poole at Round Mountain Coffee Friday Night Jams


Official Music Bio

Hailing from Conway, Arkansas, TC Poole has been involved with music his whole life. Starting the guitar at 14, he also joined the band at Carl Stuart Middle School, then later Conway Highschool, playing Tenor Trombone/Bass Trombone.

Mr. Cunninham Sr., the band director, really helped show Poole how to hold himself as a musician. In 2017, TC began teaching at the Conway Institute of Music, owned by Jim Skelton, and voted “best of” Faulkner County three years in a row. When the pandemic hit, Poole, like many other musicians, couldn’t play with anyone, let alone book a live show.

At the recommendation of a friend, he took to a streaming platform called A place for not only gamers but musicians and artists of all kinds. Over 300 days ago, he started streaming and has only missed a total of FOUR days. Each stream he does is, on average, 5 hours long.


Lofi, Funk, Neo-Soul, Groove

Band members (names)

tc_poole – Tyler Poole

Favorite venue to play

Through this platform, I have met and am working with musicians from Russia to Australia.

Music Influences & Inspiration

Derek Trucks, Tim Reynolds, Maceo Parker, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Etta James, Daft Punk, Victor Wooten, James Brown, Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin

How did you get started?

I got started playing guitar when I was 14ish. My friend Mark Lee played a lot of Dave Matthews and needed someone to play Tim Reynolds’ acoustic part. So I started streaming in September 2020. A friend told me, “Poole, you’re going to be playing music either way. You might as well start streaming it since we can’t do much else right now”.

Favorite song to cover? or Perform

Goosebumps/Abracadabra [Travis Scott/Steve Miller]

Fall down I thumbnail
Fall down I thumbnail

How would you describe the music that you typically create/perform?

Music to make you shake your hips. I also own and operate a Youtube radio station that streams over 140 of my lofi tracks. Lofi is instrumental background music to study or chill out to.

The way that I perform the music is particularly unique. I play all the instruments live, laying each part out quickly, building the song from scratch. I also use my guitar as a tool to interface with other instruments, such as a saxophone, clarinet, vocoder, talkbox, trumpet, etc. So this means that I hit a note on my guitar, but we hear a saxophone instead.

If you could open a show for any artist, who would it be?

Michael Jackson

How can we find you online and your upcoming events?

tc_poole for everything. is where I make music live every night. As mentioned, I also have a Youtube where I upload a new video/song every day. 9:00 am CST. I have 10 albums out on Spotify, iTunes, etc. 9 lofi albums and 1 album made especially for Yogis and Yoga teachers, free for their use.

What do you enjoy doing outside of music?

Yoga, Cycling, Exercise, and Coffee.

Wrapping it up

Every night fires up his Twitch channel and plays. You can also check out some of his music on his Youtube channel or his Spotify account.

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