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Q&A with Selena Ulasewich of Impact Coaching & Consulting talks setting goals

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A new year always brings new goals. New goals in 2022 are a challenge because of the chaos of the past two years. Someone who can help us with goal setting in this era is local business owner Selena Ulasewich, the owner of Impact Coaching & Consulting.

I reached out to Coach Selena to ask some questions about setting goals.

Ulsawich is a business and life coach who helps her clients with confidence and progress in their journey. In this article, Ulasewich gives tips on setting goals in 2022.

After a couple of stressful years, what do you advise people about expectations of setting goals for 2022?

Something that I have been thinking about in this new year is our tendency to keep things small in order to keep them safe. Or maybe it’s the opposite for you — maybe you make things so outlandish so that you can excuse yourself for not truly going after it. 

No one can blame you for getting stuck in either mindset-especially after the last two years!

I have personally been working on my mindset as Impact Coaching is continuing to expand beyond my original vision and comfort zone. I kept my business small as I started. I did this intentionally and for wonderful reasons, but it’s time to bust down the walls and allow myself to have new dreams this year!

How about you? Where are the places you’ve been keeping things safe and small?

**Disclaimer** There is a time to keep things small, safe, and controlled. But there are also seasons for expansion — for thinking bigger and giving space for God to work in new ways. 

Let me tell you, if it’s time for you to expand, it’s going to be exciting and exhilarating, and energy-giving. However! It will also be scary, intimidating and full of unknowns that you’ll work through on a daily basis. 

When you’re in isolation doing these things, you’re open and vulnerable to attacks of doubt and discouragement. This is an essential time to make sure you have a strong support team around you! It may include, but not be limited to, friends and family, your pastor, support groups, community resources, and business contacts. 

It’s vital that you have the right people around you, championing your vision and getting practical on how to make your dream a reality!

Selena Houston Ulasewich
Selena Ulasewich – Picture by Drew DeFir

Do you have a few practical tips for choosing goals for 2022?

My first tip is, when you’re setting goals, don’t start with today and attempt to look forward. Have you ever heard the phrase, “Begin with the end in mind”? 

The best way to choose your goals for this year is to think about what you want your life to look like in the future. Specifically, develop a clear vision for 3 years down the road. What would you like your life and business to look like in 3 years? Include as many details as possible. Then, decide what you need to focus on RIGHT NOW in order to bring that vision to reality.

My second tip is, choose your priorities and be clear about them. Did you know that you can only really have 3-4 priorities that you focus on and can truly have an impact? If you are trying to place the same importance on 10 items, you are going to fail, burn out, and drop the ball. Trust me, you will constantly feel like you are letting people down (we don’t need that negativity!) SO, you have to do that hard work of picking the things that are your #1 priority. THEN let go, share the load, and draw clear boundaries around the things that are not your priority in this season of life.

What is the difference between good goals and goals that may not be the best idea?

Don’t be ashamed of your goals! Your goals don’t have to be fancy. Set realistic goals that benefit your life. Real goals are practical, not flashy.

Selena Houston Ulasewich
Selena Ulasewich – Picture by Drew DeFir 

What are some goals that people overlook that are worth considering?

10 years ago I felt trapped and overwhelmed by trying to follow the “formula” of the current American dream. You know – husband and wife. Kids. The most beautiful house you can buy. The latest car. Having the perfect balance between mom-ing, wife-ing, and career-ing. I lived under so much pressure of doing and being all the things. 

By taking a different stance on goals (and life!), I’ve been able to go from this overwhelmed and fearful state to stable and courageous. I am passionate about helping others to do the same!

If your goals don’t fit in a box, if you aren’t like those “other people” then you are doing it right!! We are all different and our uniqueness should be mirrored in our goals. It will show up in our family life, personal life, and even our career!

IT IS POSSIBLE for you to succeed in life with your own strengths, interests, and desires. You don’t need what they have, you need you to believe in yourself!

Wrapping it up

To learn more about Coach Selena Ulasewich or Impact Coaching & Consulting, you can visit her online through her website, Facebook, or Instagram.

FB: Impact Coaching & Consulting
Instagram: @coach_selena

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