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Podcast: State of Conway Scene

Conway Institute of Music

Show Notes:

State of the Conway Scene – March 2022

Entering the 5th year of Conway Scene

The first article was published on Jan 28 2017 about UCA Downtown.

Since then we have published 405 articles + various other types of content including events, organizations in our business directory.

Eight diff people have written articles along with 16 guest posts

Popular Posts in 2021

  • Trail of Christmas lights for  2021
  • How did Toad Suck get its name?
  • Markus Pearson
  • Freedom Fest
  • Conway Scene Calendar via events

Since we launched in 2017

  • 55K users since we launched
  • 104K pageviews
  • Most of our traffic has come from Google and Facebook
  • 440 subscribers on the email list

What’s new going forward?

Podcast, gonna change up the format some.

Various types including interviews, etc.

Just created a pricing list for those wanting to grow their business using Conway Scene

Looking at running polls throughout the year. Looking for someone to help sponsor polls

Two student writes this Spring, Raven, and Madelyn. Expect to hear more about them in the future.

I’m looking to make the Conway Scene directory even more robust in hopes of featuring more small businesses in our Business Profile Series.

Including more coffee shops in our Meet your Barista segment this year.

I am working on a way for individuals to help support Conway Scene, similar to a Patreon.

Businesses can now sign up to sponsor sections of our content, our email, and also our podcast.

We continue to fill up our calendar to make it the most sought community calendar in the Conway area.

We have expanded our footprint to include all of Faulkner County and Conway County.

Thanks for being a part of our journey! Have a great week.


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