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Giving to Arkansas Tornado relief efforts

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At this point, we all know about the devastating tornado that slice through an area of Little Rock, moved on to North Little Rock, Sherwood, Jacksonville, and the Cabot area.

We have seen the images and videos online and on TV.

If you are like me, you watched hours of coverage Friday and again on Saturday and Sunday.

It is a miracle there is only one reported death in Central Arkansas and, sadly, 4 deaths in the town of Wynne.

Those of us in Faulkner County know the trials and devastating of tornadoes having had a couple in the last 12 years to hit the towns of Vilonia and Mayflower.

Many in our area have helped in relief and recovery efforts, traveling to the area to help clean up and feed those who are hungry.

For others, we have helped share valuable information that is coming out where our neighbors can find shelter, food, and supplies.

As we enter the new week and the daunting task of cleaning up still remains, we may turn our attention to monetary resources.

I have compiled a list and link of a few places you can donate to help those affected by the tornadoes.

I am sure this is list is far from exhaustive, but I tried to choose organizations who are known for their work here in our area and across the country.

Also, check with your local faith congregations as many are doing more hands-on type of work.

And, of course, check on your fiends who live in these areas.

It will take a lot of work to get back to normal again.

Here are some links where you can give to help Arkansas Tornado relief efforts:

Red Cross via KATV

Catholic Diocese of Little Rock

Sheep Dog Impact Assistance

Arkansas Disaster Relief

Arkansas Farm Bureau Foundation

Central Arkansas Salvation Army

Arkansas Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster

Team Rubicon Disaster Response

The Quapaw Area Council


It has been a rough few days and the meteorologists are predicting more sever weather on Tuesday. So please, be weather aware!  And if you can, help your neighbors.

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