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Conway Scene Show: Season 3 of the podcast kicks off in September

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Season 3 of the Conway Scene Show is coming in September 2022. Are you ready for more interviews and more stories?

I’m going to level with you. Last fall when I started doing podcasts, I didn’t know where it would go.

I started it as an idea to complement the Weekly emails. Thus, as I went forward, I just called it the Weekly.

Then it morphed.

It morphed into the Weekly at Conway Scene or the Weekly by Conway Scene.

When I started doing the podcast again in early 2022, I started interviewing people, eventually leaving behind those solo shows.

As I took a break this Summer, I thought it was a great time to start thinking about how I wanted to do the podcast moving forward.

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I thought the interviews went well. I was pleased to interview Amanda Horton and Wendy Sparks from the Reynolds Performance Hall. We also interviewed Shauna Meador ahead of the return of Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre.

We interviewed Chris Smith from The Rogue Roundabout, Christina Madsen from The Natural State Update. We also interviewed representatives from both farmer’s markets.

We visited with Conway NOW’s Gatlin Billeck and Conway Scene writer Raven Nobles.

Raven Nobles
Raven Nobles

We visited with Mary Margaret Sutterfield from Toad Suck Daze.

To be honest with you, I had fun. It was a blast to visit with “everyday influencers.”

To that end, we move forward in the Fall of 2022 with Season 3. But now, I have settled on a name which requires some updating of graphic assets.

The name will be the Conway Scene Show moving forward.

To date, I have had two interviews recorded and should have four by the end of August.

I have ideas that haven’t been implemented yet. 😉

When I first started Conway Scene, I had thought that a podcast was in the future. In fact, when the team at Silverlake Design created my logo, they included a microphone. That is because I told Jessica Crum (of Silverlake) there would be a podcast.

Now, there is a podcast.

The podcast and the calendar are bookends that strengthen the Conway Scene platform.

So, as we get ready for Season 3 of the Conway Scene Show, I look forward to the journey and more conversations.

Get ready!

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