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Today is November 6, 2022. There is an air of excitement and stress, all at the same time, in the headquarters of Conway Scene. Simply put, its time for the holidays!

We usually do so much during this time of the year and the pressure is about to be turned up 10X.

But we love it that way!

As much content as we put out, we inevitably miss things. Here are some of the things you will from Conway Scene in the next two months.

Holiday Gift Guide

I have this idea, maybe its a dream, that I can encourage everyone in the Conway area to support local entrepreneurs, authors and artisans for the holidays. I facilitate this by offering a Holiday Gift Guide.

The gift guide features items from local entrepreneurs, authors, and artisans to give you gift ideas for family and friends.

We have done this for several years. This year is no different.

You should start seeing notices for local entrepreneurs, authors, and artisans to submit items for the gift guide.

We also feature a few local non-profits.

There is no better way to support our local businesses than buying gifts from them for the holidays!

Are you an entrepreneur, author or artisan and want to submit a gift idea? Submit your gift item here.


Holiday Events.

Adding all of the holiday events to our calendar is a huge emphasis. We have already added several and I know there are several more to go. Soon, we will have them all on one page.

You can add your community holiday event by submitting to the calendar.

Christmas Lights.

The year was 2020 and if you remember that, we were kind of limited from events. It was the Covid year. Then someone came up with and idea on Facebook to make a map of Christmas light displays.

The thought was that at least families could pile into their cars and go look at lights. Fortunately, most who regularly hosted lights decided to keep doing so.

So, I used information I got from a Facebook group and came up with a “Trail of Holiday Lights” article at Conway Scene.

My plan is to do so again this year.

Groovy Smiles
User submitted

Illuminating Conway.

Every year we have a Christmas tree lighting in downtown Conway. It is the Saturday (Small Business Saturday) after Thanksgiving.

It really has turned into one of the neatest holiday events in the area.

The mayor pushes the button and the big tree lights up.

That event comes with lots of other attractions including a train for the kids, hot cocoa, Santa Claus, and music.

I have told people before it is like a cross between Whoville and a Holiday Christmas Movie.

I’m pretty sure, somewhere, there are mistle toes. I have yet to see it snow on queue, but you never know.

It is kind of magical.

Conway Christmas
Conway Christmas

Christmas parades.

Nearly every town in the Conway area hosts a Christmas parade, and last year we put them all on our calendar. We will do the same this year.

If you are in charge of one of those parades, feel free to contact me to get the info or submit to our calendar.


Thanksgiving can easily get left behind. It seems like once Halloween is over, you can start to hear Mariah Carey singing “All I Want for Christmas is You.” And yes, I do like the song!

Before we actually have Christmas, there is the holiday Thanksgiving.

I will keep my eyes open for community wide Thanksgiving events, but if you are hosting one, feel free to submit it to the calendar.

For now, we have the Turkey Trot on the calendar and that takes place Thanksgiving morning.

Are you ready?

The holidays are about having fun, feeling joy, and being with family and friends. Don’t let all of the other stuff distract you.

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