What is your passion?

Do you have the urge to share your passion? Maybe you like trying the newest restaurant and want to share your experience. Maybe you want to attend a local play and share what you thought.

Maybe you like to attend events and are willing to write a recap.

Like music? There is a need for music writing as well. Conway Scene is looking for contributors who are willing to commit to writing one article a month.

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Art & Music

We have a lot of art and music that happens in Conway. Local artists are releasing EP’s regularly and bands are trying to get noticed.

We need guest contributors to help do reviews of bands, art exhibits, and local theater productions.

Conway is very artistic and we want to get the word out! Will you help?

Guest Business Articles

Are you an experienced business owner who would like to share advice with other business owners. The Business Sense series is a great place to share your insights into running a business.

We are looking for multiple business owners would love to contribute a guest post for the Business Sense series.

Each guest contributor gets a byline with links to his or her website and social media profiles. The first article was written by John Lambert of Premier Windows and you can read the article here.

Fill out the form below with article ideas if you would like to be a guest contributor to the Business Sense series.

Business Sense

The differences of price and value

By Guest Author | January 3, 2018

Is there really a significant difference between Price and Value? Do many people know the difference? Is it fair to say you can get a good price without value, or do you compensate one for the other? Why do some people believe that price and value are the same thing?

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