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Conductor staff named to state Global Entrepreneurship Week leadership

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(CONWAY, ARKANSAS) – Conductor’s Director of Operations, Grace Rains, and Director of Entrepreneurial Communities, Tiffany Henry, have been selected to serve as the 2021 Arkansas State Coordinators for Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW). This appointment follows a successful GEW 2020 where Rains and Henry supported 20 Community Organizers who held 40+ events and engaged 6000+ people from across the state. Despite COVID-19 limitations, Arkansas Community Organizers utilized numerous virtual platforms to host more events than any other state in the nation.

 “The participation of so many Community Organizers from every region in the state shows the collaborative spirit of Arkansas ecosystem builders. These leaders all promoted their local entrepreneurs in a unique way that reflected the culture of their community. This diverse display of small businesses and their supporters showcased Arkansas as the premier destination for innovators of all talents,” said Henry.

GEW is an annual event created by the non-profit Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) headquartered in Washington D.C. The purpose is to promote and support entrepreneurs from across the world in a united effort to highlight the importance and recognize the hard work of startup founders and small business owners. Worldwide GEW 2020 Community Organizers represented 180 countries, 20,000+ partners, 40,000+ activities, and 10 million people.

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2021 will be held November 8 – 14 and is on track to be larger than previous years. Rains and Henry have begun recruiting Arkansas organizers to hold activities in their communities, which will help plan local events and serve as liaisons for GEN correspondence.

“GEW provides the unique opportunity to celebrate a cornerstone of Arkansas culture – entrepreneurship”, said Rains, “Throughout the week, organizations and individuals from across the state gather to support, promote, and celebrate entrepreneurs and small businesses and we look forward to an elevated level of engagement and support in 2021!”.

In addition to supporting local entrepreneurs, GEW also elevates the profile of participating communities. It provides an opportunity to share the incredible work organizations do to strengthen the economic vitality of their region and connects them to a statewide network of entrepreneurial champions. More information about Global Entrepreneurship Week 2021 and how to be involved can be found at

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