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Biz Roundup May 2021: a flying pig and a new comic book campaign

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In this month’s roundup, we talk about a flying pig, a bakery relocation, a new comic book campaign, and the downtown Farmer’s Market is now open.

Flying Pig

As I started wandering around downtown earlier this year, I noticed something else where Poke Hula used to be. 

Over a period of time, I could see someone was redoing the space. Then, when the work was done, I saw a flying pig.

Well, a treat place called Flying Pig

The original location is in Beloit, Wisconsin. A couple of months ago, they opened the second location in downtown Conway. The owners grew up in Arkansas, and their name was, in part, a nod to the Razorbacks

I started following them on Facebook and noticed that they carried all kinds of treats, including ice cream, coffee, teas, gourmet popcorn, cookies, and other types of treats. 

Frankly, it looks like a candy shop for us adults. As the weather gets warmer, I’m sure dropping by for a scoop of ice cream may be on my agenda. 

Have you been to the Flying Pig yet?

Blue Barn Bakery

Recently the Blue Barn Bakery has relocated to 812 Chestnut Street. This has resulted in me seeing the little bakery and becoming curious.

The bakery was located at the end of Front Street before they relocated. Owner Laura Holloway and her team celebrated with an Open House this past Saturday (sadly, I missed it).

The bakery is completely grain, gluten, dairy, and sugar-free. I have tried a couple of their brownie-like treats, and they were fantastic.

She is developing a menu of keto-friendly meals which she will be selling. The bakery also has various types of specialty drinks, including Bulletproof coffee. 

Wells Thompson launches a comic book campaign.

Wells Thompson, MechaTon, Issue #1

UCA Creative Writing graduate and former Conway Scene writer Wells Thompson is launching Issue #1 of his new comic MechaTon. 

According to Thompson,

We’re launching a Kickstarter for a 28 page 1st issue comic titled MechaTon. It’s a comic about community, improvising, puns, and robots made of trash. Basically, it’s awesome.

The project is a publication of Four Colour Media and Thompson. Fans can back it on Kickstarter. 

Wells is an excellent writer, and this will be a quality product. 

If you wish to back the project, you can visit the Kickstarter page to invest.

Downtown Conway Farmers’ and Crafts Market

The Downtown Farmer’s Market opened to the public this month. They will open through October.

This weekend they are open for your Memorial Day needs. They open at 7:30 am on Saturday and will have several items and vendors available, including veggies, beef, bread, cakes, coffee, cookies, soaps, lotions, jewelry, jellies, and a lot more!

The downtown Farmer’s Market is open each Saturday from 8 am -12 pm at the corner of Parkway & Main Streets. 

Wrapping it up

Is there a new business you are looking forward to seeing in Conway (not Olive Garden!)? Does your company have news to share in the next month? Drop us a note and let us know or send us your press release.

Or you can email us at biz@conwayscene.com.

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