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Conductor releases Arkansas Entrepreneurship Resource Map

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A statewide guide of small business support services

CONWAY – The Conductor is pleased to release the first edition of the Arkansas Entrepreneurship Resource Map, which serves as a comprehensive guide to small business support organizations across the state. The three primary categories are comprised of direct entrepreneur support, chambers of commerce, and economic development organizations. Direct entrepreneur support is divided into subsections which include commercialization and tech transfer; funding; makerspace and coworking; research and education; small business and main street; startup and scale-up.

“Knowledge of available resources is crucial to an entrepreneur’s success,” says Tiffany Henry, Director of Entrepreneurial Communities at the Conductor. “Arkansas has such a rich fabric of support organizations for every spectrum of the entrepreneur. We hope this resource map will be a helpful asset to the business owner while also serving as an additional tool in the belt of other resource providers.”

The resource map is an initiative of the Coalition to Advance Arkansas Entrepreneurship, which is a convening of small business champions who collaborate on solving problems that impact an Arkansas founder’s experience. The group focuses on issues pertaining to the four pillars of venture ecosystem building, including talent development, culture, community engagement, and access to capital. The Coalition has met with the National Science Board and the Securities and Exchange Commission, among others, to discuss how to reduce barriers for small business owners in Arkansas.

“The importance of collaboration cannot be overstated,” says Henry. “I look forward to seeing how the Coalition continues to work together on projects like the resource map to make starting or growing a company in Arkansas a reality for people across all regions.”

To download a copy of the Arkansas Entrepreneurship Resource Map or learn more about the Coalition to Advance Arkansas Entrepreneurship, please visit or email

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