The Arkansas Arts Beautification Gallery

Arkansas Arts Beautification Gallery is shutting down after 25 years

The Arkansas Arts Beautification Gallery is shutting down after 25 years this month. For the past 22 years, the gallery has been in the same spot on Front Street. The gallery is all its inventory.

For owners BJ Abrams and Wyvonne Hawkins, the time has come to a close.

The gallery is selling every piece of art in the gallery. I visited with Hawkins and Abrams on Saturday, April 16.

Abrams told me at one point, she was frustrated after moving to the current location. She was struggling to get clients and felt like closing down the gallery.

Then, she told me, a gray moth landed on her windshield. She was tempted to remove the moth, but decided to wait.

As she waited, she watched the moth as it was breathing and noticed brilliant, beautiful colors.

She said she went back inside and started painting. She told me that every time she was frustrated, she thought of that gray moth and it helped her continue.

Now, she is closing it down.

You can arrange to meet with her to look pieces you want to buy by calling their phone number 501-908-6951. Most days she is there from 10 am to 2 pm. All pieces are “cash only.”

She will close the doors at the end of April and also may need help with moving her things. If you are interested and helping, give Abrams a call.

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