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Veteran HealthTech sales professional Ancil Lea addresses success in new Common Grounds book

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Conway, Arkansas — In Ancil Lea’s latest book, “Common Grounds 2: The Art of Relational Selling,” he teaches anyone — regardless of experience — the secrets of how to use relationship-based selling to win more clients and get closer to the people they care about.

With over 34 years of sales experience, Lea has put his unique philosophy into this guidebook for prosperity in business and life. It builds on his first book in the series, “Common Grounds:  An Entrepreneurial Guide to the Coffee Shop Office,” published in October 2017. Common Grounds is about his experiences, insights, and successes while working from coffee shops and how anyone can do the same.

Common Grounds 2: The Art of Relational Selling - Serve others. Start Small
Common Grounds 2: The Art of Relational Selling – Serve others. Start Small

In Common Grounds 2, the theme is that instead of  “go big, or go home”  the secret to selling success and personal fulfillment is to “start small.” He shares not only his methods, but the proven methods and mindsets of his highly successful inner circle of partners to win the hearts of clients and loved ones and close deals that seem impossible.

Here are just a few of the other approaches readers will discover in Common Grounds 2:

  • How to feel more connected to and appreciated by the people around you, whether in the coffee shop, at work, or in your own family.
  • How to listen and talk to people in a way that not only helps them succeed, but also compels them to help you succeed (think about making connections for jobs, helping your kids get ahead in school, getting access to restricted places.)
  • How to create a no-pressure sales environment that builds long-term and more exponentially lucrative relationships than traditional short-term selling techniques.
  • How to make people feel like they can’t help but like you.
  • How to become failproof to more quickly move past setbacks and succeed faster in whatever you do.
  • How to collaborate with more clients than in your wildest dreams.
  • What to do after you sell to someone to maintain a lasting relationship that brings continued good will and returns.

Win a copy of the book (through September 9, 2022) here.

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