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Townsend Music launches Livestream series

Conway Institute of Music

TownsendTMusic has scheduled a number of Livestreams over the next few months. The Livestreams are all centered around mental health topics.

The schedule is listed below:

Feb 1st: 6-7 PM. Discussing Loss and Grief with Tim Yant.

Feb 21st, 8 PM: Balancing life and working healthcare during a pandemic with Kane and Megan Moix.

March 1st: 6-7 PM. Lessons learned while battling cancer with Casey Jo Clark.

April 5th: 6-7 PM. Advice for those going through infertility with Katie Kirkland.

May 3rd: Noon. Loving someone through addiction with Laura Monteverdi.

June 7th: 6-7 PM. Life and work overseas during a pandemic with Kelsey Hutchison Brown.

July 5th: 6-7 PM. Loving someone with Alzheimer’s Theba Lolley.

August 2nd: 6-7 PM. Being a [female] business owner during a pandemic with Amy Counce.

September 6th: 6-7 PM. Success as a musician during a pandemic with Cliff and Susan Prowse.

October 4th: 6-7 PM. Suicide prevention and awareness with Tess Pearson.

November 1st: 6-7 PM. Dealing with Postpartum Depression with Maggie Adams.

December 6th: 6-7 PM. Living with PTSD with Lieutenant Colonel Lance Westbrook.

Remember that YOU’RE NOT ALONE. Stay tuned-More to come!!

Anyone can sponsor a Livestream.

According to Townsend,

“For as little as $5, become a ‘sponsor’ for one or all of the Livestreams! In return, you’ll not only help continue these Livestreams and share HOPE, but you’ll be given the opportunity for free advertisement and publicity using my platforms! Whether you’ve got new music or a new company you want to advertise [it will reach my almost 30k followers], or you’re just looking to make a difference in the world. This is an amazing opportunity that I’m happy to share!”

For more information check out Townsend on the internet:

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