Sama Japanese: Bridging Cultures and Fostering Language Enthusiasm to Conway

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Sama Japanese stands out not only for its commitment to teaching the Japanese language but also for the unique blend of experiences that co-founders Saya and Matthew bring to the table.

The name “Sama Japanese” is a combination of Saya and Matthew’s names, reflecting the personal touch they bring to their language classes. Their individual journeys to learn Japanese have shaped the diverse teaching approaches they now offer, catering to a wide variety of learning styles among their students.

Saya’s Cultural Roots
Originally from Osaka, Japan, Saya moved to Arkansas as an elementary school student. Despite the geographical shift, she maintained a strong connection to her Japanese heritage.

“Growing up in Arkansas, I still had a strong tie to my Japanese heritage. I went to Japanese school on weekends and spent summers in Japan,” Saya explained. “I am so excited to teach Japanese language and culture with everyone in Central Arkansas and hope it helps to build a bridge between my two homes”

Weekends were spent attending Japanese school, and summers were dedicated to immersing herself in the culture of her homeland. Saya expresses her excitement about teaching Japanese language and culture in Central Arkansas, viewing it as an opportunity to build a bridge between her two homes.

Sama Japanese
Sama Japanese

Matthew’s Journey of Self-Directed Study
In contrast, Matthew’s journey involved eight years of studying Japanese and living in Japan for four of those years. During his time in Japan, he taught English in a Japanese junior high school, gaining a deep understanding of the language and culture.

“I have studied Japanese for about 8 years and have lived in Japan for four of those years,” Matthew said. “While living there I taught English in a Japanese junior high school. I learned Japanese through self-directed study and immersion. I love teaching and I love the Japanese Language. I want to help people realize their full potential in language study and acquisition.”

Diverse Learning Opportunities
Sama Japanese goes beyond its weekly conversation classes, offering private tutoring for both kids and adults. Recognizing that different learners have different preferences, they also provide 10-week intensive classes for those who thrive in a group setting. These intensive classes are designed for small cohorts of learners who share similar language-learning goals.

For those interested in joining the language-learning journey with Sama Japanese, inquiries can be sent to or by reaching out to (501)-712-4320. Additionally, the community can stay connected and informed by following Sama Japanese on Instagram (@samajapanese).

Sama Japanese is more than just a language class; it’s a cultural exchange, a connection between two worlds, and a testament to the passion of its founders. Through their shared experiences and diverse teaching methods, Saya and Matthew are enriching the language-learning landscape in Central Arkansas.

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