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Kordsmeier Music: Conway couple enjoys playing music together

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Today we visit with music group Kordsmeier Music from Conway for our first ever Musician Profile. We get the scoop on how they got started, their favorite places to play, and their favorite song to cover for this married music duo.


Sound molded by picking guitars around a fire on a perfect summer night, Kordsmeier Music aims to tell meaningful stories and draw out an array of emotions through their music. Composed of Dylan and Hannah Kordsmeier, the duo is out to prove their spot in the Arkansas music scene. 

Kordsmeier Music
Kordsmeier Music

Their first single, “The River” was released in June 2020. It tells a haunting story of love, loss, and memories of time well past with respect to how all those factors affect the direction of a person’s soul. 

This is the first release of the EP “Talk to God.” The 4 song compilation addresses a variety of topics from losing faith, passionate love and tops off with a good old-fashioned crime of passion. This EP is a direct reflection of the duo’s diversity in songwriting styles and themes. If you want an intro of what’s to come, make sure to play the EP!


Country/Red-dirt country

Band members (names)

Hannah and Dylan Kordsmeier

Favorite venue to play

Kings Live Music – Conway, AR and Point Remove Brewery in our hometown of Morrilton, AR.

Music Influences & Inspiration

Whiskey Myers, Tyler Childers, Miranda Lambert, Ashley McBride

Kordsmeier Music
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How did you get started?

We began playing music together when we first started dating almost 7 years ago. We have both grown together as musicians through our relationship, and we’re both able to share our love for playing/writing music with each other.

Favorite song to cover?

Hannah: Jolene by Dolly. Dylan – Drink in my Hand: Eric Church

How would you describe the music that you typically create/perform?

A LOT of fun! We like to write songs that mean something to us and that other people can relate to (and we like to put on a show!)

If you could open a show for any artist, who would it be?

Ashley, Tyler, Whiskey Myers, or Miranda. It’s really a toss-up between any of the artists that we emulate.

How can we find you online and your upcoming events?

Find our events/cover videos @Kordsmeier Music on Facebook. We also have an EP coming out in the Summer of 2021 that we are super excited about. Check our Facebook for updates!

Kordsmeier Music
Kordsmeier Music

What do you enjoy doing outside of music?

Playing with our animals (dogs, cats, and goats), lifting weights, and kayaking/tenting in the summer!

Wrapping it up

You can find Kordsmeier Music online via their Facebook page. Check out their album on streaming services, including Spotify. 

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