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Teneicia Roundtree
Teneicia Roundtree

After a tough year financially, Teneicia Roundtree was encouraged by her mother to start a cleaning business. According to the Log Cabin Democrat, when her mom suggested she start her cleaning business, she told her that she wore suits, she didn’t clean toilets. At that point, her mother told her to humble herself. As a result, she launched her business, TreeHouse Cleaning, and became the 2018 Outstanding Minority Business of the Year.

At the close of 2018, she followed that success being named President of the Young Professionals of Conway.

The single mom of 4 is now one of the most aspiring young entrepreneurs in Conway. She runs her own business and is active in the community. She plans to create more opportunities for others using her business.

Read our question and answer interview we had with Teneicia.

CS: How long has TreeHouse Cleaning been in business?

Roundtree: 1 year as of January 2019

CS: What convinced you to start your business?

Roundtree: TreeHouse was born out of necessity to provide for my children and have the flexibility to care for them. And, I’m thankful. It has been an amazing journey.

CS: What kind of challenges have you had to overcome as an entrepreneur?

Roundtree: As a single mom of 4… Work-life balance was a challenge. Now, I no longer strive for balance, but for harmony. And as far as my children, focus more on the quality of the time spent rather than just the amount. Because, at the end of the day, all that I do is for them.

CS: Who has been your biggest supporter(s) for your business?

Roundtree: My mother. She is my biggest critic, strongest supporter, and my best friend She gave me the idea of starting TreeHouse. I was reluctant. But, with her encouragement, we are here. And, I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. Love you Mom!!!

CS: What do you most look forward to for TreeHouse Cleaning in the next 2-4 years?

Roundtree: TreeHouse cleaning within 4 years will be a million dollar franchise that will compete with major brands such as Molly Maids and Merry Maids. With TreeHouse low start-up cost, professional development training, and mentorship, our focus will be to provide franchise opportunities to the new college grad, skilled workers, impoverished families, and those who may have trouble attaining a sustainable career due to their past so that they too have the opportunity to create generational wealth. TreeHouse stands firmly with our motto that “Everyone Deserves a Do Over”.

Wrapping it up

Thanks for answering our questions Teneicia.  The Young Professionals of Conway will be hosting a Crawfish Boil at the end of the month. You can find TreeHouse Cleaning online on Facebook. Teneicia can often be found around town at one of the coffee shops meeting a client or a business networking event.


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