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Farm-raised beef from Barham’s Ozark Beef

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I’m not sure about you, but I’m sort of a beef snob. I like my beef, love my steak. Chili? Heck yeah! Fajitas? Bring them on!

I can tell you, if you are like me and consider yourself a beef snob, you need a beef hookup.

You need a beef guy like Ed Linck of Barham’s Ozark Beef. For 40 years, farmer Charles Barham has been raising cattle and producing some of the best beef from the Ozarks.

Recently, Conway’s Ed Linck teamed with his step-father to create a farm-to-table beef company for Central Arkansas, Barham’s Ozark Beef.

Over 500 acres of Ozark farmland is home to over a hundred cows.

“Charles has come a long way since bottle feeding his calves in his parents’ back yard! His experience and joy of raising cattle shows in his daily work. His mission is to produce the finest beef in the region. You’ll taste the difference with Barham’s Ozark Beef.” Source

Today we take a look at Barham’s Ozark Beef, a member of the Conway Scene Business Directory.

Name / Business

Ed Linck, Barham’s Ozark Beef

How long has your business been in operation?

Two years, although Charlie has been raising cattle for nearly 40 years.

What have been some of your biggest challenges and how did you overcome those?

This answer depends on the day! On some days, it’s figuring out a new plugin for the WordPress website. On other days, it’s figuring out the logistics for multiple deliveries across the state. In addition, there’s the constant stress of keeping an actual ton of beef frozen during the hot Arkansas summer.

Our latest hurdle is learning about shipping frozen food across the country, which we hope to do in the near future. Every day is a new adventure!

Ed Linck of Barham’s Ozark Beef
Charlie Barham

Who has been your biggest supporter(s) for your business?

My wife, Mariana, has been an incredible partner since the idea of Barham’s Ozark Beef was born. She believes in me and encourages me daily. She’s the smartest person I know, which comes in handy when making important decisions about the business.

Fun Fact: She’s the inspiration behind the “beef snob” thing. One day, she cooked spaghetti using ground beef from a different provider. She took one bite and spit it out! She had been so spoiled from Barham’s Ozark Beef that she became the first “beef snob.” The beef snob community has grown exponentially since then!

What are you looking forward to in the next few years in business?

After spending so much time around entrepreneurs my entire professional life, we are fortunate to be surrounded by great mentors to help guide our next steps. In addition, we are enrolled in the 10x Accelerator program at the Conductor. This program provides clarity in which direction a company should move, so I expect the future of Barham’s Ozark Beef to get quite clear very soon. We’ve mapped out so many potential paths for our small business, and I’ve very excited to see which path it eventually takes!

Ed Linck with the delivery trailer
Ed Linck with the delivery trailer

Wrapping it up

You can keep up with Barham’s Ozark Beef on their Facebook page and their website. Remember, Barham’s Ozark Beef brings the butcher shop right to your front door! Ed is at the Farmer’s Market each Saturday through the end of the season or you can order online.

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