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Learning the Basics of Energy Efficiency

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Publisher’s Note: The following blog post is written by a guest contributor.

Premier Windows were incredibly excited to be a part of the 2017 Conway EcoFest at Laurel Park. The festival provided free family fun while educating people on how their everyday actions can make a global impact. The simplest things we do at home can have a massive impact on our neighborhood, our community, and our town.

Premier Windows
Premier Windows

People visiting EcoFest wanted to know: What is energy efficiency? How does it impact me and my family? How can I make sure my home is energy efficient?

The first advice I have is to contact Conway Corp (501-450-600) and ask about their free in-home energy audit program. Conway Corp will come to your home and perform a home inspection. They will look at all the areas in your home that could be causing energy loss and explain what area may need improvement. The great thing about this audit is that most of the home improvements can be done by the homeowner themselves at very little cost, such as caulking around windows, weather stripping doors, and putting foam around plumbing pipes.

Professionals may need to be called for more complex projects, such as attic insulation and replacement of old/leaking windows and doors. Most reputable companies offer free in-home inspections and estimates. Always make sure that whoever you have in your home has the correct insurance paperwork and are fully licensed to do their work! Use less, waste less.

Final Thoughts

Over the next several months, we will discuss a number of ways to make your home more energy efficient. We will discuss ways to lower your monthly utility bill while simultaneously creating a positive impact on our community. Action Local, Impact Global!

All of our products at Premier Windows are American made-all of them! We firmly believe in supporting local industries and commerce. We believe in being a part of our community and giving back. We want to give our customers a superior product at a fair price, so we offer 100% satisfaction on all of our work. Our products come with a lifetime limited warranty, and our glass comes with a 25 year/ lifetime breakage warranty.


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