Conway Area Singles

Are you a Conway area single?

Are you looking for new friends to go to dinner, a movie, or to one of the local events in Conway?

Conway Area Singles fills this gap. Join us on our journey.

Earlier this month, Conway Scene launched the Conway Area Singles group. We have a Facebook group and if you are single, we invite you to join.

With the help of Conway resident Shannon Westbrook, the group has already created the first event for Saturday, February 8th.

We will meet up to visit the UCA Planetarium.

So head on over to the Conway Area Singles Facebook group and let's meet.

The Conway Area Singles group is a social group geared towards singles in Conway and surrounding communities in the Central AR area. It is a place to meet local folks that are in similar situations who are looking for new friends and opportunities to get out and have some fun.

More info before joining:

What we are NOT is a dating site. Please don’t join looking for your next date - we are truly focused on social activities and letting friendships develop naturally within the group. We are also not a place to trash an ex - we are focused on looking forward, not back.

Our goals with membership are ensuring that people are local to the Conway vicinity (Central AR). We want people to come out and attend events, so we ask that you be local to us.

We are a group of singles, so we do not admit new members that are married or in long term relationships. Given that we are a social group, we ask that you plan to come out with us when you can.

Certainly, kids living at home dictate availability to some extent, but we don’t want online membership only - we want people that will plan to interact in person and participate in our events.

If this sounds like a good fit to you, then please request to join our group.

There are a series of questions that you will be asked and responses are required - any membership request that does not have responses to the ALL questions will automatically be declined.

Conway Area Singles

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