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Conductor’s 2019 annual report shows continued growth

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Conductor releases annual report containing a year in review for initiatives

CONWAY – Expansion of footprint, services, and funding are the important themes of the 2019 annual report released today by Conductor, a public-private partnership between the University of Central Arkansas and Startup Junkie Consulting.

Opening its doors just 3 years ago, the Conductor works to strengthen entrepreneurship, innovation, and the maker movement in the Central Arkansas area. Their partnerships range from their founding partner, the University of Central Arkansas, to their most recent partner, the Small Business Administration. Conductor utilizes third-party sources of funding to provide free services to current and aspiring entrepreneurs, innovators, and makers.

Significant outcomes from the 2019 report include:

  • More than 36% of clients reported adding new positions in 2019
  • Clients reported an average 10.8% growth in revenue
  • 6,895 participants reached through events and services, a 58.2% growth over 2018
  • 95.9% of customer responses indicated they learned new information from Conductor programs
  • 81.1% of attendees reported meeting someone new at Conductor activities
  • 1,788+ appointments in the UCA Makerspace, powered by the Conductor
  • 11 central Arkansas counties were added to the Conductor footprint through the rural outreach initiative

The report also details the events and programming conducted throughout 2019, as well as feedback and outcomes from those events and programs.

Another significant outcome included the Conductor’s 84.7+ Net Promoter score. Net Promoter score is defined by Forbes as “an index that ranges from -100 to 100. It gauges the willingness of customers to recommend you and your products or services and can be used as an indicator of business growth.” Forbes continues that, “Scoring anywhere between 50 and 80 is usually viewed as exemplary”.

“We could not achieve our goals without all of our partners, collaborations, and funders”, said Grace Rains, Director of Operations. “Our work allows entrepreneurs to change their own direction through empowerment, providing critical resources, and unlimited support, all at no cost.”

Additionally, the Conductor report highlighted the expansion into 11 counties around Central Arkansas, including hosting office hours and providing workshops and events.

“What sets the Conductor apart is our ability to meet entrepreneurs where they are,” says Tiffany Henry, Rural Director of the Conductor. “People who live in rural communities have very specific challenges, but also incredible opportunities to be innovative in ways that aren’t practical in larger cities. It has been a great opportunity to work with these entrepreneurs as they start and grow their businesses.”

The report concludes with client feedback from those who worked with the Conductor during the year. Comments include “The Conductor provides what the community needs most – resources”, “A lot of my success as an entrepreneur is only possible with the Conductor’s guidance, encouragement, and empowerment”, and “Incredible program that has undoubtedly jump started my company”.

“I am extremely proud of what we accomplished in 2019,” said Jeff Standridge, Managing Director at the Conductor, “but, I am equally energized by the work we plan to execute in 2020.”

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