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Recently, I visited with Caleb Erwin, Crew Leader at Deliver Hope Work Crew about the new venture.  The Deliver Hope Work Crew that offers lawn maintenance, hedge trimming + weed pulling, and Spring and Fall clean-ups. 

Caleb has been a resident in Conway for 10 years and you may remember him from his days of working at Blue Sail Coffee. We chat about the Deliver Hope Work Crew, what it is all about and how folks can use the service.

What is the main goal of the DH Work Crew?

The main goal is to get young men in the Deliver Hope mentorship program some work experience. These kids can often have trouble finding work and we want to provide a place where they not only can make some money, but can also develop some life skills and work history to show a potential future employer.

How did the idea for DH Work Crew come about?

During the spring of 2017 I had been talking with Daniel Tyler, the founder of Deliver Hope, about some other ideas I had for investing into the young people of Conway, and during that time I was looking for a few yards to take care of for myself. As I was finding a little bit of work I thought that landscaping would be a great way to help some of the young men get some work. So, I approached Daniel with the idea in one of our regular meetings at the time and it turns out he had already been thinking about doing the exact thing.

We started out with only a few yards last year, but this year we are looking to grow exponentially. We’d like to be able to hire four guys on full time and that means we are going to need a lot more work.

What was it that made you decide to be part of the DH Work Crew?

I honestly think that at this moment in my life this is where I can have the greatest impact in my community. Sometimes people just need the smallest opportunity and I think the the Deliver Hope Work Crew can be that for someone.

If someone wants to hire the crew, how do they go about doing so?

It’s fairly simple, all they have to do is reach out to me via text, call, or email and tell me what they would like to have done and we take care of the rest.

Links: workcrew@deliver-hope.org


Deliver Hope Work Crew
Deliver Hope Work Crew

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